Structural Glass Balsustrade & Frameless Glass Systems
From The Glass Balustrade Company

With the latest technology in glass fabrication structural glass balustrades and frameless glass systems allow us to create glass structures that are free of large supports, durable and stunning.

The structural glass is held in place using a special channel system that can be fitted to floor, wall and ceiling. By removing the need for metal supports and brackets it allows us to bring more light into your home.

The structural glass is toughened in accordance with BS EN12600 class 1 and can be supplied tinted, etched or even with LED lighting in the channel.

Structural glass balustrades and frameless glass systems allows you and your designer or architect to think more freely without the worrying about traditional supports. Your home can be extended on one or more levels with a structure that is totally glass.


“Structural glass balustrades are elegant & practical requiring no supports or posts, just the beauty of glass.”


Glass Balustrade Company

The Glass Balustrade Company was formed as a fusion of some of the most experienced people in the Glass Balustrade and Architectural Metalwork industry.

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With a combined experience of over 40 years in the commercial sector as Vision Architectural, there is probably not an architectural metalwork challenge or problem they have not encountered and overcome.

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Suitable for offices, hospitals, schools, banks, football stadiums, airports, multi storey car parks, residential buildings, retail units, warehouses and factories.

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