Side-fix Glass Balustrade

Here is a totally unique design option for you…..

The Side-Fix Balustrade

Living the Alfresco Lifestyle      

This is another great option if like many homeowners this summer, you are planning to create a terrace balcony.


You will have seen post and glass balustrade & frameless balustrade, well now for something completely different…

Side-Fix Glass Balustrade for a Terrace Balcony


As you can see, on this project, we have used steel posts to fix partially to the brickwork and partially to specially manufactured holes in the glass itself. Not only does it look great it is a brilliant alternative to drilling through a flat roof.

Bespoke Balustrade Products

The Glass Balustrade Company has over 30 years industry experience, there isn’t much we can’t noodle around with for you. If you have an idea for a balcony, terrace etc contact us for advice on the perfect bespoke solution to suit you!

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Not Just for Summer! All of our balustrade posts and components are manufactured from the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Our balustrades are built to withstand the elements, even the salty sea air!